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Litigation is not a matter to enter lightly. Nor should you choose a law firm without carefully investigating that firm to ensure that it will represent your interests in an aggressive and cost-effective manner. Good litigation firms are experienced in a variety of litigation areas as well as in mediation and settlement negotiation. In choosing a firm to represent you, you should understand the extent to which they will resolve your litigation issues on your terms, and how well they will keep you informed of what is going on with your case.

You should consider using a firm that will evaluate the specific needs of your case and your goals. Some cases call for a strategy of turning over every stone, because victory is absolutely essential. In others, a more cost-effective approach is appropriate. You should be able to establish these goals early and clearly with your attorney.

The best litigation firms are those likely to communicate to their clients a timeline with expected deadlines and important dates, as well as an explanation of what to expect as the lawsuit progresses. You will want to know what is going on with your case. Good Arizona litigation attorneys make a point of keeping clients in the loop. Likely, you will want to participate as strategic and logistic decisions are made in your case. You should expect court rulings and unfamiliar procedures to be explained to you in understandable language as they become relevant.

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